2 Georgian gas stations among 10 best-designed in the world

  • Fuel Station + McDonald’s in Batumi, Georgia (Khmaladze Architects)
Agenda.ge, 22 May 2017 - 16:43, Tbilisi,Georgia

Editors of the London-based architecture website DesignCurial have selected the ‘ten best gas stations around the world’ out of tens of thousands. Two of them are in Georgia.

Even though, in general, gas stations are considered as "the least celebrated works of architecture”, the DesignCurial has ranked the world’s ten best based on "design, innovation and the structure’s relationship with its surroundings.”

Georgia’s petrol station in the Black Sea town of Batumi is the third in the list. Photo from Quartz

The world’s third prettiest gas station is also the coolest McDonald’s outlet in the country of Georgia. Designed by architect Giorgi Khmaladze in 2013, drivers immediately recognize the refueling station in Batumi’s town center, thanks to its imposing cantilevered canopy”, the article reads.

Wissol gas station in Gori, Georgia. Photo from Quartz

Another fueling station in Georgia that has made it to the list is Wissol Gas Station, which the Quartz calls "an eye-catching concrete monolith” designed by the German architecture firm J. Mayer H along a highway that traverses from Azerbaijan and Turkey through Georgia, located in the city of Gori.