Tbilisi hosts local, foreign ensembles for choral music festival

The 6th edition of the festival will host local and foreign choirs in Tbilisi. Photo: Tbilisi Choral Music International Festival.
Agenda.ge, 19 Apr 2017 - 16:11, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s capital Tbilisi will host over a dozen local and foreign vocal ensembles for this year’s Tbilisi Choral Music International Festival starting this Thursday.

For eight days of the festival, 19 choirs will perform for an audience of three venues in the city to mark the 6th edition of the annual event.

The performing choirs will include the Youth Chamber Choir ‘Rhapsody’ from Moldova, the Russian Choir of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and the Tbilisi Girls’ Choir.

See Tbilisi Choir ‘Baroque’ perform at the National Competition for Children’s and Youth Choirs of Georgia:

Hosting academic, professional and children’s ensembles, the festival will also feature the Abkhazian State Capella, Gori Women’s Chamber Choir and Tbilisi Choir ‘Baroque’.

The participants will go on stage of three different venues in the capital, with performances hosted at the Tbilisi Catholic Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, National Parliamentary Library of Georgia and Tbilisi State Conservatoire.

The Tbilisi Choral Music International Festival was founded in 2011 by art critic Maya Chachava with support from Tbilisi City Hall.

The annual event will feature academic, professional and children’s ensembles. Photo: Tbilisi Choral Music International Festival.

Organisers of the annual event say the festival aims to preserve, develop and promote choral performance heritage and create closer bonds between academic ensembles in Georgia.

This year’s edition of the festival will run through April 27.