Georgian MP: “We should protect our children from internet threats”

Georgian lawmaker Dimitri Khundadze said Parliament should draft a law ensuring more safety on the internet for children. Photo by, 16 Feb 2016 - 16:26, Tbilisi,Georgia

A Georgian lawmaker is urging other Parliamentarians to adopt internet safety rules for children to prevent the unlawful spread of private information and thwart their access to pornography and other damaging sites.

Head of Parliament of Georgia’s Healthcare Committee Dimitri Khundadze believed some internet sites should be blocked for youth, especially those that were pornographic or violated their private information.

The lawmaker addressed the Committee to create a group that will produce a draft law titled ‘Safe Internet for Kids’. 

Our aim is to protect children from risks on the internet. In almost all European countries possession and the spread of children pornography is crime,” said Khundadze.
There are special filtration programs for internet providers and webpage admins. They must be responsible for permanent monitoring of materials and deleting any illegal information before they reach users.”
Any developed country has rules that ensure the internet is safe for children and we should also introduce these laws,” Khundadze said. 

He noted Georgian children used computers more often now than in previous years and the risks of accessing unfavorabale material was consequently higher. 

Khundadze stressed this issue was regulated by law in many other countries and was of utmost importance as it was directly linked with the healthy development of the future generation.