Election observers: “Polling stations opened without substantial violation”

Presence of unauthorised people at a polling station was one of the violations, said ISFED. Photo by N. Alavidze/Agenda.ge.
Agenda.ge, 08 Oct 2016 - 14:28, Tbilisi,Georgia

The set-up, opening and operations of polling stations throughout Georgia took place this morning without any substantial violations, say observers from the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED).

The observers from ISFED, an independent no-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO) with one of the broadest regional networks in Georgia, said Election Day was taking place in a calm and peaceful environment despite a few small violations.

We have observed seven cases when documentation was not properly filled out, five cases where procedures for the ballot box control sheet were not properly followed, two cases where election observers were not allowed to fully observe the processes, two cases where unauthorised people were present at the polling station and one case of campaigning at polling station,” said ISFED.

ISFED observers are monitoring the October 8, 2016 Parliamentary Elections in all electoral districts in Georgia.

The ISFED Observation Mission consists of approximately 1,000 accredited and trained observers, including nearly 850 short-term observers, 73 district observers and 70 mobile groups. Observers are deployed to precinct, district and Central Election Commission offices throughout the country.

ISFED’s observation of the Parliamentary Elections is based on the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) methodology, which allows them to timely detect violations, evaluate the entire Election Day process and verify the accuracy of the official election results.

As of now, ISFED observers have reported the following violations:

  • Restricting the rights of election observers
  • Inaccurate filling in of the ballot box control sheets
  • Inaccurate processing of election documentation
  • Campaigning at a polling station
  • Presence of unauthorised people at a polling station

The ISFED full report can be read here.