Georgia-made handbag seals spotlight at Couture Fashion Week in NY

  • Gepherrini handbags were exhibited at this year's Couture Fashion Week in New York, US. Photo from Gepherrini NY., 13 Sep 2016 - 17:01, Tbilisi,Georgia

A Georgian fashion brand selling luxury handbags and accessories is making a mark at a top fashion event in New York, United States (US).

Gepherrini of Georgia was chosen among 100 international companies to present their products at Couture Fashion Week – an annual show that presents international fashion brands and products in New York, Cannes in France and other selected cities.

The event’s organisers invited fashion companies to present "exquisite garments and accessories" in the September 9-11 display, and this invitation was extended to the Georgian handbag and accessory brand.

Watch a promotional video for Gepherrini, filmed in Tbilisi below:

The New York show was described as three days of "art and luxury product" exhibitions, entertainment events and receptions.

Gepherrini already has a following of loyal clients in the US however the brand’s appearance in the prestigious fashion event was part of a push to promote and build the brand further afar.

In addition to offices in New York, Gepherrini has established representations in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

While expanding its global presence, Gepherrini has always kept an eye on the local market to serve its original clients.

A promotional photograph for Gepherrini's collection. Photo from Gepherrini NY.

Gepherrini was part of the 2015 Tbilisi Fashion Week, where potential buyers from Germany came to review the brand’s Spring/Summer 2016 collections.

Founded in 2014, Gepherrini focuses on handbags for women, men and children. Each style is limited with 30-50 units of each style made.

The company says it offers "regular designs" as well as limited luxury handmade products within its collections. Gepherrini was initially established to fill the gap in the local market, as there were very few Georgian-produced accessories available, before it looked to expand internationally.

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