Georgian prisoners sell handmade goods via new online shop

  • An item made by a Georgian prisoner. Photo by the Ministry of Corrections., 12 Aug 2016 - 12:21, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Ministry of Corrections is supporting the rehabilitation of inmates in Georgia’s prisons by encouraging them to use their talents, create handiwork and sell their goods to earn money while behind bars.

A new website was launched where prisoners can advertise and sell their goods.

This was made possible after a decree was signed by Georgia’s Corrections Minister Kakha Kakhishvili that allowed convicts to sell various things that were made by them.

The Ministry believed this would encourage prisoners to do something with their lives while behind bars and motivate them to rehabilitate back into society once they left prison. 

Furthermore, the money received by selling their handmade goods will go directly to the inmates, which they can use for their own interests or send back to their families.

One more item from the website. Photo by the Ministry of Corrections. 

Since the degree was signed in July, the Ministry established a new website that advertised a range of items made by Georgian prisoners. People can purchase these goods by clicking on the "buy” button below the item’s photo.

Prices of goods were determined by the inmates themselves.

After the buyer filled in some information such as name, email and telephone number, the buyer can electronically pay for the goods via online transfer. The money will go directly to the inmate who made the goods.

Once the purchase has been made the buyer must print out a receipt confirming the purchase.

See the website here. 

After a purchase has been made the item will be transported to the Corrections Ministry headquarters, where the buyer can pick up the item they bought. Proof of purchase is needed; the buyer must present the item’s unique code and the printed receipt.

People can also view a range of items made by prisoners by visiting the Corrections Ministry’s Administration building. The goods will be exhibited and can be purchased on-site. 

The Corrections Ministry’s Administration address is 3 Sandro Euli St, Vazha Pshavela area, Tbilisi.