Ruling party presents totally renewed, rejuvenated election list

Prime Minister presented top fifteen of the Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia party in the afternoon. Photo by Prime Minister's webpage., 13 Jul 2016 - 14:48, Tbilisi,Georgia

Today the Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia (GDDG) party has presented its top 15 party members on its election list, which was composed of fresh, new faces who have a high level of domestic and foreign education, mainly in law and management. 

Speaking before an audience in Saguramo village near capital Tbilisi, Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili stressed the location of his announcement was special as it was the home area of prominent Georgian  public figure and writer Ilia  Chavchavadze, who fought for democratic values. 

We will remain steadfast on our path to Europe, to an enlightened and successful Georgia. Quoting Ilia, ‘The country needs European experience, science and education and this must be its weapon,” Kvirikashvili said. 

The PM stressed "our generation has an honour of being the architect and a participant of the landmark processes in the country.” 

PM Kvirikashvili with top members of GDDG's election list. Photo by Prime Minister's webpage. 

Kvirikashvili said over the past four years, despite many difficulties the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) coalition had "laid the foundation for fundamental change in every direction”. 

He added his team was ready to serve the the Georgian people and look ahead to a bright future. 

Today Georgian politics needs renewed vigor and an innovative vision,” the PM said. 

In this context Kvirikashvili said the GDDG's rejuvenated election list would revive not only the political party itself but Georgian politics in general.

Only state-oriented people of high moral standards can build a country and this was our guiding principle in the selection of our new members whose good reputation and professionalism speak for themselves,” he said. 

The updated GDDG election list of top 15 party members are: 

  1. Tamar Chugoshvili: A lawyer and a human rights advocate, a Harvard University graduate, a holder of Kennedy School of Government Master’s degree and the author of dozens of works. In 2013-2014 she was the Assistant to the Prime Minister of Georgia on Human Rights and Gender Equality and has also served as the head of the Human Rights Secretariat at the Government of Georgia.  
  2. Giorgi Gakharia: A Lomonosov University graduate who holds a Master’s degree in business management and political studies.  
  3. Irakli Kobakhidze: He studied law in the Tbilisi University and in Germany. In 2006 he received a doctoral academic degree from the Dusseldorf University.  For years he worked as an expert and project manager for different international organizations, and also pursued a pedagogical career in various schools of higher education. 
  4. Akaki Zoidze:  A Columbia University graduate specialising in governance with seven years of experience in public service. In the capacity of a World Bank, UN, euro zone, and US expert in international development, he has participated in healthcare system reforms in 15 European and Asian countries.  
  5. Archil Talakvadze:  A management expert who studied at the Tbilisi Medical University and GIPA and has worked for the USAID Democratic Governance Program, subsequently serving for two years in the Ministry of Corrections where he contributed to its reform.  Presently he is Deputy Interior Minister.
  6. Tamar Khulordava:  A legal scholar who currently serves as First Deputy Minister of Corrections and Probation. For several years she has been Manager for Rule of Law Programs at the EU Delegation.  
  7. Irina Pruidze: Her background covers psychology and practical medicine.
  8. Kakha Kuchava:  A  legal scholar, a Nottingham University graduate and a corporate law Master’s degree holder who has dedicated the last five years to working in the private sector, namely the mining industry.  
  9. Mamuka Mdinaradze:  He holds a PhD degree in law.  He is known as a successful lawyer who serves as chairman of the Advocates’ Alliance and the head of the Georgian Paralympic Foundation.  
  10. Mariam Jashi:  A Harvard University graduate, a holder of Kennedy School of Government Master’s degree in Public Administration and an MPH.  She has served as Deputy Minister of Health.  
  11. Nino Goguadze:  An international law expert. She spent six years serving as a member of the Central Election Commission.
  12. Roman Kakulia:  Head of the Department for Coordinating EU Programs at the Office of the State Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration. 
  13. Sopo Kiladze:  A lawyer and a Heidelberg University graduate who has worked in the Max Planck Institute (Germany) and taught at the Interior Ministry Academy.
  14. Sopo Katsarava: An expert in foreign languages who has served as a Political Officer for the UK Embassy, also serving as a PR Officer and Project Coordinator for the Embassy.  She has led the Embassy’s Chevening Scholarship Program. Before the Embassy she worked for the World Wildlife Fund.
  15. Sopo Japaridze: A Master’s degree holder in human rights international law, an Essex University graduate and the Prime Minister’s Assistant on Human Rights and Gender Equality. She is a legal expert for EU-funded projects and is a former Deputy Minister of Corrections and Probation. She has years of experience working in the non-governmental sector.

Georgia’s Parliamentary Elections are scheduled for October 8, where the ruling GDDG party will participate separately from the current ruling Georgian Dream coalition member parties.