“Georgia’s territorial conflicts high on agenda” – Austria’s Foreign Minister

Austria’s Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz (L) meets with Georgia’s Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze in Vienna on June 3. Photo by MFA of Georgia
Agenda.ge, 04 Jun 2016 - 13:13, Tbilisi,Georgia

Austria’s Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz will visit Georgia as soon as his county takes over OSCE chairmanship in 2017 to stress Georgia is always high on the agency’s agenda.

Kurz announced this following his meeting with Georgia’s Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze in Vienna yesterday.

Austria will chair the OSCE - the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe – for a year beginning January 1.

"Georgia’s topic has never been removed off the OSCE’s agenda,” Kurz said.
"We fully understand that in the context of the ongoing conflict with Russia, OSCE plays a decisive role for Georgia.”
"In the very first stage of Austria’s OSCE chairmanship I will visit Georgia to, along with other issues, discuss what else the OSCE can do to contribute to the conflict solution.”

The Austrian top diplomat said the "frozen conflict” affected not only the local population but the whole population of the country as well as the broader region.

Business relations between Georgia and Austria was also highlighted at yesterday’s meeting.

"There is a huge potential of cooperation between Georgia and Austria, which will benefit both countries,” Kurz said.

As part of Janelidze’s official visit to Austria, the Georgian-Austrian Business Forum was held under the aegis of the Georgian Foreign Ministry, the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Georgian Embassy to Austria.

Janelidzeinformed Austrian businessmen and government officials about the economic situation and business environment in Georgia. He spoke extensively about the Georgian Government’s four-point reform plan.

"Austria carries out important investments in Georgia, but along with the capital, Austrian companies bring quality and professionalism to our country,” Janelidze said.

The Georgian Minister highlighted the "historical role” of Georgia as a "corridor connecting Europe and Asia”.

"By cooperating with Georgia, Austrian companies can create contacts with the South Caucasus, Middle Asia and the Far East.”

The Georgian Minister also talked about the importance of granting Georgia visa-free travel with the Schengen area. He hoped Georgia would soon be given this privilege as the leader country of democratic transformation in the region that fulfilled all of its responsibilities and proved to be a reliable partner of the European Union.