Ancient cultures brought to life in Tbilisi History Museum expo

The 'Spiritual Messages' display will showcase bronze sculptures and paper art by Bulgarian artist Daniela Todorova. Photo from the Georgian National Museum/Facebook., 02 Jun 2016 - 18:07, Tbilisi,Georgia

A unique exhibition of modern art work created to take its viewers back to ancient times is opening at Tbilisi's Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum tomorrow.

Bulgarian paper artist Daniela Todorova is inviting the public to visit her exhibition, named Spiritual Messages, and see bronze sculptures and paper art at the Tbilisi venue also known as Karvasla.

Organisers of the 12-day exhibition said Todorova’s collection of works would "bring the air of ancient times and their spiritual messages to the modern humans".

The collection will involve items created to relate to the themes of "antiquity and the spiritual teachings on the territory of Bulgaria which have played an enormous role in the development of Europe and its system of spiritual values", said the event's preview.

Daniela Todorova has led lectures on paper art within the Sofia Paper Art Fest. Photo from the Sofia Paper Art Fest 2016/Facebook.

Some of the themes of the exhibited works will include the 10th Century Christian neo-Gnostic sect founded in the First Bulgarian Empire by the Priest Bogomil as well as cultural creations of the ancient Thracian tribe that inhabited south-eastern Europe in the Early Bronze Age.

Todorova's installation, combined with special lighting, will create a special atmosphere helping viewers relate to ancient cultures such as Assyria, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Spiritual Messages is part of the Sofia Paper Art Fest 2016, which is a series of events organised by the Amateras Foundation based in Bulgaria.

Last year, the foundation collaborated with the Georgian National Museum and Embassy of Bulgaria in Georgia to host a two-week exhibition of award-winning paper art and a dozen creators from Europe, Asia, North and South America.

The 2015 expo was also hosted by the Tbilisi History Museum in Georgia's capital.

After the conclusion of the exhibition at Karvasla on June 15, collections featured at Spiritual Messages will go on display at various venues in Europe.