New coffee factory invents unique Georgian coffee blend

A million dollar coffee enterprise will soon open in Digomi at the entrance to Tbilisi., 06 May 2015 - 17:21, Tbilisi,Georgia

The taste of Georgia will soon be available in coffee mugs all around the country and further beyond.

A new coffee enterprise soon to open in capital Tbilisi is developing Georgian roasted coffee – a unique blend that only represents Georgia.

Local coffee importer BB Company is behind the initiative to open a coffee factory in Tbilisi, supported by their Italian partners. Initially, BB Company will develop a Georgian roasted coffee blend and supply it to the local market before venturing further afield and selling it to foreign markets.

BB Company took out a 1.8 million GEL loan from Bank of Georgia to establish the new coffee enterprise, which will be built within the Governmental program Produce in Georgia, announced Georgia’s Economy Ministry. The state will cover 10 percent of the loan.

BB Company, which has imported and sold coffee powder and kitchen equipment since 2002, started building the enterprise several months ago. The company currently imported Italian high quality coffee in Georgia.

BB Company founder Aleksandre Beridze told that the new coffee business will open in Digomi at Georgia’s Agricultural University and be spread over 5,000 sqm. The enterprise will produce 360 tonnes of coffee per year.

"We will import the highest quality raw materials from different countries. However, we will offer Georgian coffee with a Georgian flavour and finally establish a Georgian brand,” said Beridze.

"We will create different sorts of Georgian coffee. All of them will be roasted but the taste and flavour will be different. We do not copy the taste of other coffee but will create a unique Georgian one, which the quality will be guaranteed by an ISO 22,000 certificate,” he said.

The production will initially be sold in the Georgian market however it is planned to export Georgian coffee to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Iran and other countries in the future.

Beridze said negotiations had already started with potential export markets.

About 10 people will be employed at the enterprise and five people will be involved in distribution.

The enterprise will be equipped with Italian equipment.

Beridze noted the price for 100g of coffee will vary from 1.80 GEL to 3 GEL, depending on the type of coffee.