Georgia's Sukhishvilebi to dance in front of Egypt's pyramids

Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvilebi will perform in Egypt next month. Photo by N.Alavidze/, 29 Apr 2015 - 17:58, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian dancers moving to the beat of ancient tunes will perform traditional Georgian folk dances near one of the world’s most spectacular venues in Egypt next month.

Egypt is preparing to host the Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvilebi, who will showcase old Georgian folk culture and perform dances in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza – regarded internationally as the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The special concert was initiated by the Embassy of Georgia in Egypt to be held on May 26 to mark Georgia’s Day of Independence.

Sukhishvilebi, Georgia’s internationally acclaimed folk dance company, was founded in 1945. The official name of the troupe is the Georgian National Ballet but in Georgia everyone calls it Sukhishvilebi after its founder Iliko Sukhishvili. Over the years this name has become the brand name for the brilliant performances of Georgian folk dance.

Details of the concert were discussed at a recent meeting between Georgia’s Ambassador in Egypt Archil Dzuliashvili and Egypt’s Tourism Minister Khaled Ramy. The Egyptian side welcomed the idea and encouraged the event’s facilitation.

The sides recognised that the Georgian folk concert would be an important event to celebrate the relations between Egypt and Georgia, while promoting tourism between the two nations at the same time.

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Meanwhile, last July Georgia’s Ministry of Culture announced 2015 as the year of Sukhishvilebi for its contribution to promoting Georgian culture.