Georgia’s rural population to access vital public services

Minister of Justice Thea Tsulukiani states that 13 villages in Georgia will get Justice Ministry services locally, 15 Jan 2015 - 12:53, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Government is intending to build public centres in about a dozen rural villages this year to allow citizens living away from the capital to access vital public services.

Justice Minister Thea Tsulukiani today said the Government plan involved constructing public centers in 13 regional villages. The initiative aimed to increase the availability of Ministry services for the rural population, including those living at the occupation line.

"We have good news for the village population. The public centres of village houses will be built in 13 villages in 2015 where locals will obtain up to 200 public and private services,” Tsulukiani said, noting that village residents will get services that are currently unavailable outside of the Justice Houses in Georgia's larger cities or towns.  

"We do not provide services related to agriculture in the Justice Houses. Taking the interests of the rural population into account, the village houses will provide such a service as well,” Tsulukiani said. 

She said her Ministry had already gained approval from the Government to begin construction of the service centres in Natanebi village in Guria region, in Orsantia village near the occupation line with de-facto Abkhazia in the Samegrelo region and in Kazreti, in the Kvareli region in January.

"We have selected these areas based on their climate conditions. We will do our best to finalise the construction of the houses at the end of the year,” Tsulukiani said. 

The Minister hoped the initiative will somehow reduce the outflow of youth from Georgia's regional areas. 

"Local young people will have an opportunity to find jobs in their regions and villages. We will provide free internet and library [services] in the village houses to enhance the level of support in this regard,” Tsulukiani said. 

She said the Ministry planned to continue constructing Justice Houses in 2015 in Georgia's mountainous regions, including in Kazbegi region, Tianeti and  Borjomi.