Georgian Parliamentary delegation in Yerevan for EuroNest Assembly

Georgian members of Parliament are attending the EuroNest Assembly session in Yerevan, Armenia., 16 Mar 2015 - 12:57, Tbilisi,Georgia

A delegation of Georgian Parliamentarians is in Yerevan, Armenia to attend an international conference involving parliamentarians from all over the world, who will discuss some of the most pressing current issues.

This week the Georgian delegation will attend the Fourth Ordinary Session of EuroNest Parliamentary Assembly in Yerevan, where parliamentarians of European and Eastern Partnership (EaP) states’ will meet each other.

The conference opened today at the National Assembly of Armenia and already the Georgian side has met members of European and EaP parliaments.

During the March 15-18 conference, the main issues discussed by Georgia will be how the country was implementing its Association Agreements recently signed with the European Union (EU), common security threats facing the region, the regional energy policy, the situation in Ukraine and EaP relations with Belarus.

The eight-person Georgian delegation is being led by Parliament’s European Integration Committee chairperson Victor Dolidze. Dolidze is represented at the session as head of the EaP EuroNest Parliamentary Assembly delegation.

The EuroNest Parliamentary Assembly is composed of 120 parliamentarians from around the globe, including 60 from the European Parliament (EP) while EaP member states – Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine – are represented with 10 MPs each.

At today’s EuroNest session, Dolidze and EP member Michael Bon, as co-chair of the Political Human Rights and Democracy Committee, introduced the ‘Closer Involvement and Cooperation between EU and EaP member states within the European Neighboring Policy in 2014-2020’ draft resolution.

The Assembly also has jointly prepared a text that will be presented at the next EaP summit to be held in Riga in May this year.

The EuroNest session is being chaired by EuroNest co-presidents Heidi Hauttala (European Parliament) and Boris Tarasyuk (Upper Rada, Ukraine).