Georgia home to 7.3 million chickens

Georgia is home to 7.36 million poultry - a 9% increase on 2013. Photo by N. Alavidze /, 02 Mar 2015 - 16:13, Tbilisi,Georgia

The number of chickens in Georgia is at an all-time high.

The National Statistics Office of Georgia, Geostat, released preliminary data of its annual survey of agriculture and livestock numbers, which showed in 2014 the number of livestock (cattle, pigs, and sheep and goats) in Georgia reached a seven year high.

Similarly, 2014 figures showed the number of poultry in Georgia reached an eight-year high.

The 2014 survey data indicated there were 600,000 more chickens (poultry) in Georgia than in 2013. Likewise, a year-on-year comparison showed the number of livestock in Georgia had also increased.

Full data of the annual survey will be released on June 16, Geostat said.

Preliminary data showed there were 7.36 million poultry in Georgia in 2014 – a nine percent increase on 2013 figures where there were 6.76 million poultry recorded in the country.

The 2014 poultry figures were an eight year high; also record number observed by Geostat.

When compared to the national population of 4.5 million, Geostat noted the poultry-to-person ration was about 1.6 chickens for every person – meaning there were 160 percent more chickens than people in the country.

As for livestock, preliminary Geostat figures noted in 2014 there were 1.3 million cattle in Georgia, 209,000 pigs and 867,000 sheep and goats.

Complete data will be available on June 16, 2015.