One dead, three rescued after avalanche in mountainous Georgia

Bakhmaro ის Georgia’s highest alpine resort in the Guria region., 03 Jan 2015 - 18:15, Tbilisi,Georgia

One person has died in an avalanche after a group of four young Georgian adventure seekers celebrated the New Year in Bakhmaro, western Georgia’s mountainous area.

The victim was part of the group of four 23-year-olds who left for Bakhmaro – Georgia’s highest alpine resort in the Guria region - on December 31.

The four got lost on January 2 several kilometers from Bakhmaro at 2,300 meters height above sea level.

Initially, two group members were taken by the avalanche but the remaining two members managed to save one of them.

The three then called 1-1-2 emergency telephone number and informed they could not find the fourth friend after the avalanche fell.

The searching activities were launched immediately by rescue groups, Georgia’s border police and professional alpinists.

Meanwhile, the remaining three friends were sheltered in a barn with firewood and a stove in the area where there was a high avalanche-danger. They refused to be taken by a helicopter to a safer place until the body of their deceased friend was recovered.

The searching activities ended in the late evening today.