Four Georgian men arrested for allegedly supporting ISIS

An investigation has been launched against the men for “participation of mercenary into armed conflict or hostilities”., 01 Dec 2015 - 15:15, Tbilisi,Georgia

Four Georgian citizens have been detained for allegedly supporting the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group after police found ISIS flags, guns, hand grenades and other evidence at their homes.

Police alleged the seized items showed the men supported the terrorist organisation’s ideology.

A special operation to search the men’s houses and detain the accused was carried out in western Georgia by the Counter-Terrorism Centre of Georgia’s State Security Service on November 29.

A subsequent investigation has been launched against the men for "participation of mercenary into armed conflict or hostilities”.

The State Security Centre said in the scope of the investigation, Tbilisi City Court issued a search warrant for 11 homes.

"As a result of the searching activities carried out at four persons houses, officers seized hand grenades, pistols, bullets and cylindrical shaped explosive devices as well as cell phones, sim-cards, memory cards, computer devices, internet modems, notebooks, various literature, information storage electronic devices, CD and DVD disks and ISIS flags,” the Counter-Terrorism Service said in a statement.

The detained men were only identified as Jambul A, Mirian B, Gia B, and Lasha G.

The Counter-Terrorism Service added the investigation was still in progress and "a number of relevant examinations” would be carried out to establish whether the accused men had any connections with Islamic State or if they provided assistance for terrorist activities.

"Further investigative activities are being carried out to reveal other persons who may have any connection with the terrorist organisation and [if so, the agency will] conduct criminal prosecution against them,” the statement read.