Georgia’s U20 rugby team tackle Special Forces drills

Georgia’s U20 rugby team took part in special drills and faced tough obstacles set by Special Forces instructors. Photo by Ministry of Defence of Georgia., 02 Nov 2015 - 12:51, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s Under 20 national rugby team have pushed their minds and bodies to the limit undergoing tough training from Georgian Armed Forces special operations experts to help them prepare for next year’s Junior Rugby World Cup.

The Junior Lelos spent Friday and the weekend undergoing the full Mental Endurance Camp program, aimed at forging team spirit though exercising and accomplishing physical challenges in difficult conditions.

The Armed Forces’ Mukhrovani base saw 46 young players and the team’s coach challenge themselves in the demanding training sessions in cold and damp conditions; overcoming a diverse list of physical challenges while learning the importance of joint efforts for achieving goals set by their instructors.

The young Lelos felt the full extent of the extensive physical drills aimed at fostering team spirit among their ranks. Photo by Ministry of Defence of Georgia.

The training saw the young world champions – alongside their coach Lado Kilasonia – complete seven and 12km marches while carrying stretchers and ammunition cases. They were also tasked with completing physically demanding and complex exercises, overcoming route obstacles, throwing 15kg weighted bags and pushing tyres and water barrels filled with 200 litres of water.

The young players underwent a short first aid course and learned the technical specifications of the AK-47 rifle. Their reactions were also tested when they completed a drill about emergency readiness, which required them to respond to a night time alarm and appear outside their quarters with equipment.

[The training] involved players from two generations who have never played together, or found themselves in conditions like these. The team unity was formed very well and every participant realised they will not be able to accomplish common goals without making efforts for each other,” Kilasonia noted while speaking about the camp to Defence Ministry reporters.

This was the second year the U20 national team participated in the tough skills session at the Mental Endurance Camp program. In 2014 the exercise aimed to assist the young athletes in their preparation for their ultimate triumph at the 2015 Rugby World Cup in Portugal.

Looking ahead the team hoped to use their recent experience in their preparation for the 2016 Junior Rugby World Cup in England.