Georgian tourists stranded in Turkey return home on charter flight

PM Garibashvili instructed the Economy Ministry to bring the tourists home on a charter flight., 12 Sep 2015 - 16:45, Tbilisi,Georgia

Dozens of Georgian tourists, who were stranded in a Turkish resort city following a financial dispute between the tourist company and airline, returned home today.

About 50 Georgians touched down in Tbilisi earlier today after the country’s Prime Minister – who is in China on a working visit - learnt about the case and ordered the tourists to be brought home on a charter flight.

All expenses were covered by the state.

Officials said the remaining 350 tourists would also be brought home in the coming days.

About 400 Georgians were stranded for two days in Antalya after Tbilisi-based tourist operator Alltours failed to transfer money to Airzena airline, which resulted in the airline not sending an aircraft to transport the Georgian tourists back home.

It was understood several children were among the group.

PM Garibashvili instructed the country’s Foreign Ministry to solve the matter and bring the tourists home safely.