Tbilisi, Georgia hosts top breakdancing competition final

Killa Kolya will be the first 'B-Boy’ to compete in Red Bull BC One World Final in Rome later this year. Photo by Nika Kramer.
Agenda.ge, 07 Sep 2015 - 13:13, Tbilisi,Georgia

Eastern Europe’s top breakdancers descended on Georgia’s capital Tbilisi this weekend to take part in the 2015 Red Bull BC One Eastern Europe regional final in front of a sold-out crowd of almost 2,000.

A Kazakhstan performer with the stage name Killa Kolya was crowned the 2015 Red Bull BC One Eastern Europe champion after an intense breakdance ‘battle’ at Tbilisi Circus on Saturday night. The regional final featured top breakdancers from Eastern Europe who all took to the floor and showed off their skills while being assessed by judges in a one-on-one knockout format. 

The final leg of the event saw Killa Kolya face a Ukrainian performer named Robin and emerge victorious after gaining a unanimous decision by the three judges.

Reviews of the final bout revealed the Kazakh dancer’s stamina as the main reason why he was crowned regional champion. His success means Killa Kolya will be Kazakhstan’s first breakdance competitor to compete in the world final in November this year.

Tbilisi Circus was the venue for the top international breakdancing contest. Photo by Nika Kramer.

Saturday night’s show included performances by the Sukhishvilebi Georgian National Ballet, Egari national folk music group and BMX pro rider Vicki Gomez, while the breakdancing contest itself featured QueenMary, first ever female participant of a Red Bull BC One final event.

Established in 2004, the Red Bull BC One breakdancing contest has turned into the top international competition of its kind. The Tbilisi final was the second of the six regional events that single out competitors for the world final to be held in Rome, Italy in November.