Tbilisi theatre festival will welcome “unprecedented” visiting audience

Contemporary ballet production "Gurji-Khatun" by choreographer Mariam Aleksidze premiered in 2014. Photo by Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre.
Agenda.ge, 22 Jul 2015 - 18:10, Tbilisi,Georgia

Tbilisi will host an "unprecedented” number of visiting producers, reporters and critics for the seventh installment of its annual international Festival of Theatre this coming autumn.

The Festival is set to include productions in international and Georgian segments as well as exhibitions, workshops and seminars. The full program of the cultural event – available at the Festival website – will feature the international segment followed by the Georgian section, which is traditionally the key part of the event.

A performance of "Julius Caesar" by the Shota Rustaveli Professional State Drama Theatre is part of the 2015 program. Photo by Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre.

Proceedings of the Festival’s opening event on September 22 will be donated to the Solidarity Charity Fund while the entire program's takings will be donated to the June 13 flood relief fund fund. Last month's natural disaster in capital Tbilisi killed 19 people and destroyed Tbilisi Zoo and many of its animals. 

The Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre was established in 2009 by the Mayor of the city and the Culture Ministry. Over the last six years the event has hosted companies from roughly 20 countries.

The 2015 Festival will conclude on October 8.