New Government reform regulates Georgia’s civil service

Georgia's Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili noted the civil service reform was of "unprecedented" importance., 03 Jul 2015 - 18:35, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Government of Georgia is initiating a professional civil service reform to make public employment procedures more transparent.

The new initiative was discussed at today's Governmental meeting.

Under the reform, the public employment system will be regulated, including the dismissal process. This means public servants not be fired without valid reason as the dismissal procedure will be strictly regulated by the law.

Georgia's Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili noted this reform was of "great importance".

"Under the previous government promotion of people was always politically motivated, not professionally. There were also many cases of politically motivated dismissals. This should end once and for all,” Garibashvili said.

The Georgian official thanked Eka Kardava as head of the Civil Service Bureau and Maia Tskitishvili as head of the Government Administration for their efforts towards the new reform. He also underlined the contribution of the European Union (EU), Sigma and USAID in preparing the Bill.

"This will be an unprecedented and revolutionary reform. The system will be put into order once and for all and we will get a civilized, professional, European and modern civil service,” Garibashvili noted.