Mexico celebrates Georgia in week-long event

This week, Mexico is celebrating ‘Georgian Days in Mexico’. Photo from Georgian Foreign Ministry, 10 Apr 2014 - 15:27, Tbilisi,Georgia

Breathtaking photographs of Georgian landscapes and historical sites have greeted Mexican high officials at the Mexican Congress.

This week, Mexico is celebrating ‘Georgian Days in Mexico’ which promotes all things Georgia – from cuisine to culture and legends and traditions.

The Georgian Embassy in Mexico organised two exhibitions titled Splendour of Georgia and Spectacular Georgia at the Mexican Senate and Chamber of Deputies within the ‘Georgian Days in Mexico’ celebration.

Georgian photographer Badri Vadachkoria and a representative of the Georgian National Tourism Agency presented the photographs to Mexican Senators, diplomats and students today.

Georgian Ambassador to Mexico, Chairperson of the Georgia-Mexico Parliamentary friendship group, President of the Chamber of Deputies and Vice President of the Mexican Senate spoke to guests and expressed Mexico’s readiness to deepen relations with Georgia.

Within the Georgian Days in Mexico celebration, Mexican university students are invited to attend lectures about Georgian legends and traditions.