PM’s regional visit extends to Adjara

Head of the Constitutional Court Giorgi Papuashvili and PM Garibashvili. Photo by PM press-office, 03 Apr 2014 - 12:42, Tbilisi,Georgia

Restoring faith in the court and judicial system is something Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili is proud of, after discussing the improvements in the court system at a meeting with the chairman of the Constitutional Court.

Garibashvili is currently touring around Georgia’s regions and meeting with regional representatives to discuss the successes and issues facing each region.

In Batumi today, the Prime Minister met Giorgi Papuashvili and other members of the Constitutional Court and discussed the importance of the independence of the court and noted one of the main priorities of the Government was to strengthen democratic institutions.

The Prime Minister received information about the work of the court directly from judges, listened to how trust had been restored to the court system and was updated with statistics of satisfied claims.

"The meeting was very fruitful. We spoke about the importance of the independence of the court and shared our visions,” the PM told journalists after the meeting.

"I want to note that the meeting [with Papuashvili] and the member of the Constitutional Court was very productive. I want to emphasize and repeat that our Government’s main approach is to strengthen the institutions and ensure the independence of judiciary. These were the issues we discussed. I think that this is the only healthy approach from the Government,” he said.

Papuashvili noted that the Constitutional Court’s decision might contradict decisions made by the legislative of the executive Government, but said that did not mean that an institutional conflict would occur.

"The most important is non-interference in each other’s business and cooperation in the development of institutions,” he said.

Later today, the Prime Minister will meet the head of the Ajarian Government Archil Khabadze and be introduced to the current problems in the region before a planned meeting with students of the Naval Academy.