Georgian football player saves opponent’s life mid-game (VIDEO)

Kankava workes to remove Husyev’s tongue from blocking his airway., 31 Mar 2014 - 10:48, Tbilisi,Georgia

A disastrous football incident in the Ukrainian Premier League morphed from a potentially tragic situation into a celebration of heroics.

A Ukrainian soccer player who was knocked unconscious in a tackle is alive thanks to the quick-thinking from a Georgian footballer playing in Sunday's game between Dynamo Kiev and Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk.

Kiev's captain Oleh Husyev was knocked out when he took an accidental knee to the head from Dnipro’s goalkeeper. He appeared to swallow his tongue during the collision.

Reacting immediately to the suddenly dangerous situation, Dnipro midfielder and captain of Georgia’s national football team Jaba Kankava rushed over to his opponent and immediately began life-saving first aid.

Kankava worked to remove Husyev’s tongue from blocking his airway.

As soon as Husyev’s tongue was moved into a safe position in his throat, he immediately jolted to consciousness and began to cough and kick violently.

Shortly after, Husyev was taken to hospital with a concussion, a bruised jaw and damage to three teeth, the team announced.

Doctors said if no immediate first aid had been performed the result could have been fatal.

Team Dnipro ended up winning the game 2-0.

The video below shows the quick actions of Georgian player Jaba Kankava save the life of his opponent, Oleh Husyev.