Special representative for Relations with Russia: Sochi could be the most difficult Games

As Abashidze said, Georgia could not be the only country boycotting the Olympic Games.
Agenda.ge, 04 Feb 2014 - 00:53, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Sochi Olympic Games could be the most difficult competition the Georgian team could ever participate in, says Zurab Abashidze, the Georgian Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Relations with Russia.

However despite the potential challenges, he believed Georgia’s participation in the Sochi Olympic Games would benefit the country in terms of security issues.

After a meeting with members of the Olympic Committee and athletes, Abashidze said Georgia’s decision to participate in the international sporting competition was complicated and many important issues had to be discussed.

"First of all we are trying to separate sport from politics in order to avoid sportsmen and sport to be damaged. We are willing the Games to be carried on in a peaceful way and our participation diminishes the potential danger against Georgia where if something unforeseen happens there, Georgia would be blamed as it has been in the past,” Abashidze stated.

He said Georgia could not be the only country to boycott the Olympic Games and all of Georgia’s western partners were supportive of the country’s "complicated decision” to attend the Games.