Christmas greetings for soldiers in Afghanistan

Georgian soldiers serving in Afghanistan mission received Christmas greetings little friends from Georgia., 25 Dec 2014 - 13:41, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian soldiers serving in a peacekeeping mission in the Afghan province of Parwan received Christmas greeting letters sent by the children from homeland.

The Georgian soldiers of the 51st Battalion of the V Infantry Brigade, who are based at the Bagram Air Base, received 1400 Christmas letters from 4th and 5th primary school pupils.

Christmas greetings from Georgian pupils. Photo by Ministry of Defence of Georgia.

Georgian soldiers thanked the little friends for warm wishes and promised them to reply.

'Letter to Soldier ' written by Nutsa Natsvlishvili, pupil of 4th class at 22 Tbilisi Public School.

Meanwhile, the project which was carried out by Defence, Justice and Education Ministries has begun in 2012 and aimed to support Georgian soldiers serving far away from their homeland.

Here you can read thought-provoking blog ‘The Talibs do not care that it was New Year…’ about how Georgian soldiers celebrated New Year Eve 2014 in Afghanistan. 

The blog was written exclusively for by Georgian NCO Koba Oshkhereli, who was involved in the International Assistance Security Force Mission in Afghanistan for nine months.