New map will help monitor Georgia’s forest areas

New map will have a remote system control, which will monitor Georgia's forested areas., 02 Dec 2014 - 16:31, Tbilisi,Georgia

The future of Georgia’s forested areas is looking bright following the launch of a new map that allows officials to monitor the growing and declining state of Georgia’s flora.

Georgia’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources developed the new map system with the help of German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). Together, the parties developed and implemented a map that used a remote control system.

Officials said this system would ensure better monitoring of the forest and help in developing and planning a forestry information base.

"This is a very important step that will allow us to monitor the forest fund in Georgia. This includes [monitoring] degradation of the forest and identification of damage caused by fires in the forests,” said Environment Minister Elguja Khokrishvili.

The newly created map will also be used to observe forest cover, soil and climate.

The project was presented at the Environment Ministry on 28 November, where Minister Khokrishvili introduced international experts and representatives of non-governmental organisations the specifics of the map and prospects of its use.