President of Georgia’s Wrestling Federation dismissed

Former head of Georgia’s Wrestling Federation Luka Kurtanidze states his dismissal was unfair, 01 Dec 2014 - 23:23, Tbilisi,Georgia

The president of Georgia’s Wrestling Federation Luka Kurtanidze has been removed from his post after Federation committee members voted against Kurtanidze retaining his leadership role.

Thirty-three delegates attended the meeting and only four of them voted against the decision to remove Kurtainidze. Afterwards Kurtanidze said he would reveal and punish those who "staged” the illegality against him. 

Meanwhile candidates who wish to apply for the role of president of Georgia’s Wrestling Federation can submit their applications from December 5 to December 20.

In September, wrestlers demanded Kurtanidze’s resignation and claimed he was "a serious drag" on the athletes. They alleged Kurtanidze was unprofessional and failed to deal with Federation issues. 

A special meeting was held at the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs on September 22, where participants decided to study the issue, find a solution and release their findings at a later stage.