Prime Minister meets international diplomats

Prime MInister: "Georgia’s European choice is irreversible.” Photo by PM's office., 06 Nov 2014 - 17:54, Tbilisi,Georgia

Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has met all international diplomats and organisations accredited in Georgia to speak in person about the recent changes in the Georgian Government and to answer all questions connected with this issue.

"Let me be clear: While individuals and political alliances within the Government may change – our commitment to Euro-Atlantic integration is steadfast,” the Prime Minister told his audience.

"It is not only our top foreign policy priority, but it’s also the will of the Georgian people who we are honoured to serve. Georgia’s European choice is irreversible.”

Representatives of foreign mission to Georgia at the meeting. Photo by PM's office.

The Prime Minister underlined that the dismissal of one, and resigning of two ministers was purely a domestic issue and it would not affect Georgia’s foreign relations.

Deputy Foreign Minister Tamar Beruchashvili, who decided to keep working in her post after meeting the PM earlier today, was appointed the role of acting Foreign Minister. She was one of the guests who attended the meeting at Marriot Tbilisi Hotel.

PM Garibashvili also stressed that the current events showed the level of freedom of thought and expression in Georgia.

"We have stronger democratic institutions, and a more plural political climate than just a few years back. Every individual and interest group enjoys freedom of expression and association, freedom to form or join a political party, freedom to participate in elections and elect representatives," he noted.

The Prime Minister said he hoped that Free Democrats would remain a part of the governing coalition but their final decision can be even more useful for the democratization of the country.

I hope that once the dust settles they will engage with the Government in a thoughtful and constructive manner. They are good and decent people who have much to offer their country. In truth, their presence in the opposition, which may make my life more challenging, will make Georgia’s democracy even stronger.”

He emphasized that fighting corruption was the top priority of the Georgian Government, no matter which agency or minister was involved.

"The Georgian people deserve an efficient government devoid of corruption or abuses of power,” he said.

"While I’m unable to get into the specifics of the Ministry of Defence investigation, I can tell you that there are serious allegations that require investigation.”

The Prime Minister answered all questions of the representatives who attended. The part of the meeting with questions and answers was closed to the media.