PM to CNN: "Georgia wants to be a 'real' European state"

“We are motivated to build European democracy here." Screenshop from the interview., 06 Nov 2014 - 06:00, Tbilisi,Georgia

"I want to transform this country into a real European state,” said Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili in an interview with CNN Money while answering the question what the signing of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement (AA) means to Georgia.

"We call this signature our return to the big European family” said PM Garibashvili. "And why? Because we share the same culture and the same values. We want to live in better Georgia.”

Leader of the Georgian Government also spoke about its relationship with Russia, charges against ex-government top officials and the prospective of Georgia as a transit country.

Garibashvili then explained why it was so important for his country to investigate the cases of alleged criminal actions of former governmental officials.

"We are motivated to build European democracy here. A true democracy that works for everyone. For each and every citizen. And nobody is above the law. This is our principal position,” he stressed.

"It is really hard to understand because hundreds and thousands of crimes [were committed] in the last nine or ten year period. And these cases should be investigated. This is the prosecutor’s job. [The] court is an independent judiciary so let them decide.”

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