Tbilisi locals believe Gov’t is on the right path, survey reveals

On monthly basis there was 0.3% deflation in May. Photo by Nino Alavidze/agenda.ge
Agenda.ge, 04 Nov 2014 - 17:01, Tbilisi,Georgia

People living in Georgia’s capital city believe the Government worked in a more professional and transparent manner in October than the month before, according to results of a Georgian-based research company.

The Institute for Poling and Marketing (IPM) released its results of the Government’s success index of October 2014. The findings revealed the Georgian Government’s overall rating improved by three points in October compared to the September 2014 report, meaning more people were satisfied with the current activities of those in power.

Results were obtained after 600 adult Tbilisi residents were interviewed and asked of their satisfaction with the Government’s activities.

To make up the Government’s overall activity rating, two areas were sampled – efficiency of the Government’s activity and the expectancy of success.

In terms of the efficiency of the Government’s activity, respondents were mostly satisfied with the Government’s work in Education and Science. This sector gained 14 points – up two points from September. The largest increase was seen in the police sector, which jumped from five points in September to 12 points in October.

Index of the efficiency of the government’s activity. Source IPM.

When the October Government efficiency index was compared to the September index, those surveyed believed the Government was more efficient in eight areas – Healthcare, Education and Science, Economical issues, Employment, Social vulnerable/pensioners care, Police, Human Rights and Government attitude towards population.

Index - Success Expectancy Index. Source IPM.

However in two categories – Foreign Affairs and Territorial integrity/Security – respondents scored the efforts of the Government lower than the previous month. In these cases scores dropped from five to four points and -10 to -12 points respectively.

Negative scores were recorded in several areas, with Territorial integrity/Security, Economic Issues and Employment still a serious problem, the results showed.

In terms of success expectancy, those surveyed believed the Government would be quite successful in achieving its goals and ranked nine out of 10 categories positively.

IPM represented a group of companies that offered a wide range of services, including marketing and social research, branding, media and ad monitoring and software development.