Russian MFA: Russia-Abkhazia treaty is not alarming for Georgia-Russia relations

The Russian statement was released even though the Georgian Government strongly denied such an offer., 17 Oct 2014 - 04:14, Tbilisi,Georgia

"Nobody has a right and ability to prevent Russia and Abkhazia from bringing their ties to a new level,” reads a statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry as its official comment after the Georgian- Russian meeting in Prague.

The comment, published on Russia's Foreign Ministry's website on behalf of official Ministry spokesperson Alexander Lukashevich stated Russia disagreed with Georgia's opinion of the Russia-Abkhazia deal and the deal was not alarming for Georgia-Russia relations.

"The confrontational statement of the Georgian Foreign Ministry and reaction of Georgian politics is a strong argument for us to further strengthen Russia-Abkhazia cooperation in security,” replied the Russian Foreign Ministry to official Tbilisi’s statement. 

Georgian MFA assessed the draft of the Kremlin-proposed new treaty as "a step towards annexation” of its breakaway region.

Lukashevich claimed the Moscow-Sokhumi ‘Alliance and Integration’ agreement "is not alarming and threat for the normalisation process of Georgia-Russia relations” and Geneva International talks.

This was the third Russian "warning" statement issued in the past month.