US Ambassador reaffirms support of Georgia’s integration

Richard Norland noted Geneva format was a good way to discuss problems of Abkhazia., 16 Oct 2014 - 12:21, Tbilisi,Georgia

International community supports Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, US Ambassador to Georgia Richard Norland while commenting the issue of Georgia’s breakaway region Abkhazia in Batumi.

He noted that Geneva format was a good way to discuss the ways of solving the problem.

"Georgia has the support of international community. Today I had opportunity to talk about this issue, but I do not know how this will change the events in regards to Russia’s involvement in Abkhazia. Our approach is that Geneva discussions format is a very good opportunity to find solutions with the participation of international society,” he said.

The US Ambassador made this comment after Russia proposed treaty on ‘Alliance and Integration’ with Abkhazia. The treaty foresaw outlined joint cooperation with de-facto Abkhazia in defence and security, economic harmonisation with the Eurasian union, social protection and foreign policy issues.

Georgian authorities condemned the proposed treaty believed such an agreement was a "violation” of the fundamental principles of international law and commitment.

Georgia called on international organisations and the global community to pay special interest to this issue and be aware of "Russia’s intention”, which would qualitatively change the situation in the region and create additional problems to the European security.