US official commends Georgia’s sacrifice to NATO

Derek Chollet, US Assistant Secretary of Defence for International Security Affairs, 11 Oct 2014 - 13:45, Tbilisi,Georgia

"Georgia is a powerful and impressive partner and it has sacrificed to NATO more than many other allies," a top United States (US) defence officials says.

Derek Chollet, Assistant Secretary of Defence for International Security Affairs addressed the International Institute of Strategic Studies in Washington and emphasised the US would continue to work with European allies as needed.

He said Russian threats to Ukraine was one example of how the security landscape in Europe had changed, and the US would remain involved and engaged in events on the continent and beyond.

Chollet noted NATO's door remained open to new members.

"The door is widely open and the Wales Summit once again proved it,” he said.

"Partnership plans with the two countries, which were most interested in taking steps for integration with the Alliance, have been further expanded. These countries are Georgia and Montenegro. Both have actions plans, according to which the Alliance will work on moving these countries closer to the next stage.”

Chollet believed Georgia remained satisfied with the partnership plan.

"I cannot properly express how great a partner Georgians are - be it Afghanistan or assistance in the near East. Georgia is a powerful and impressive partner, and to tell the truth it sacrificed more than many other allies,” he said.