Capa’s Georgian voyage displayed in Tbilisi Photo Festival

dancing at a supra (traditional feast). Robert Capa., 01 Oct 2014 - 15:22, Tbilisi,Georgia

Images depicting the Georgian voyage of a famous Hungarian photographer will be displayed alongside some of the world’s most poignant images at the Tbilisi Photo Festival 2014.

The Tbilisi Photo Festival, regarded by many as one of Georgia’s most prominent photography events, will open tomorrow and celebrate its fifth anniversary and the 60th anniversary of the death of Magnum co-founder, Hungarian photographer Robert Capa. The week-long festival will particularly display the remarkable photographs Capa took during his 1947 tour of Georgia with author John Steinbeck.

Cart driver by the riverside with a view of Narikala Fortress on the hill. Photo by Robert Capa.

In addition, poignant images depicting the current state of the world will feature in the festival, including work by leading Polish documentary photographer Justyna Mielnikiewicz who captured a series of powerful images of the Ukraine conflict that showed how locals were forced to live among the current turmoil.

A Ukraine Runs Through it / 2014 by Justyna Milenikevicz.

Also on display will be Davide Monteleone’s work, which explored the post-war identity in Chechnya, as well as images from a hidden history of photography in Soviet era Georgia by Rezo Kezeli and Boris Shaverdyan.

Meanwhile, at the festival revelers will also be able to enjoy photos from artists from Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy and Belgium. The festival will also present the best photography from the Caucasus and surrounding region.

A lecture on contemporary photography by leading Polish-based curator Adam Mazur and an outdoor projection of work by photographers from the renowned Poland-based Sputnik collective will be displayed at the annual Night of Photography - the festival’s showpiece nocturnal event in Tbilisi’s atmospheric Old Town.