First snow falls in Georgia

Bakhmaro, Georgia’s highest alpine resort in the Guria region., 25 Sep 2014 - 15:48, Tbilisi,Georgia

Summer has not long departed but a part of the country is turning white with snow. The first snowfall of autumn has fallen in the country’s west.

Georgia’s highest alpine resort – Bakhmaro in the Guria region – yesterday experienced its first snowfall even though winter is more than two months away.

Weather experts forecasted a slushy snow would fall in other mountainous regions of Georgia as well.

Despite the cold snap, citizens are being advised not to dig out their winter coats just yet as daytime temperatures around the country are set to rise.

Forecasters said the air temperature tomorrow would rise to 20C in the capital city Tbilisi and regional areas would also experience warmer days ahead.

Yesterday’s snowfall at Bakhmaro was described as a light dusting. In the coolest months snowfall can be very high and can reach up to 5 metres.

At over 2000 metres above sea level, Bakhmaro’s summer is moderately dry and its high humidity (annual average of 73 percent) combined with a mixture of sea and mountain air was claimed to be beneficial for people with respiratory problems.

The surrounding mountains are a source of Bakhmaro bottled spring water, which is similar to Borjomi water in its chemical composition.

Views from the forest-covered mountains are breathtaking, especially from Bakhmaro’s Lenchis Seri (2505m), which is also called ‘Sunrise Hill’. 

A smaller Bakhmaro peak, called ‘Sunset Hill’ measured 2250m. On days with clear visibility, it is possible to watch the sunset on the Black Sea.