Georgia’s Parliament Speaker visits Paraguay

Georgia’s Parliament Speaker and Paraguay’s Foreign Minister in Asuncion on August 19, 2014. Photo by, 19 Aug 2014 - 12:42, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s Parliament Speaker Davit Usupashvili is in Paraguay, has met the country’s Foreign Minister and discussed ways to enhance cooperation with the central South American country.

Today Usupashvili met Foreign Minister Eladio Loizaga Caballero in Asuncion. The press office of Georgian Parliament said this was the first meeting between the two and the most senior visit from Georgia since 2010 when Georgia established diplomatic relations with Paraguay.

The parties discussed the prospects of future cooperation in a range of sectors.

Usupashvili highlighted the Georgian Government was eager to enhance cooperation with Paraguay and South America in general.

"We share many interests, not least trade and investment; this is an international relationship that matters to us,” Usupashvili said.

Speaking at the meeting, Usupashvili highlighted the fact Georgia had recently signed the Association Agreement (AA) with the European Union (EU), which meant the country was moving closer to the EU and had become more attractive in different directions.

The press statement said Loizaga Caballero affirmed Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

"Russia is the second largest trade partner for Paraguay. Despite this Paraguay recognises Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and is ready to deepen cooperation,” Usupashvili said.

As part of the enhancement of Georgia’s relations with Paraguay, the possibility of having one European embassy in Paraguay represent Georgia’s interests was also discussed.

"The Foreign Minister expressed interest to continue discussions on this issue with Georgia’s Foreign Ministry,” Usupashvili noted.

Meanwhile, while abroad Georgia’s Parliament Speaker also met the country’s Minister of Industry and Trade. Usupashvili believed Georgia’s fast economic growth rate meant Georgia had become one of the most interesting places for Paraguayan businessmen to invest, and he told his opinion to the Minister.

A Georgian Parliamentary delegation meeting with the Paraguay's Minister of Industry and Trade in Asuncion on August 19, 2014. Photo by

"Paraguay is one of the main exporters of agriculture products in the world and they are eager to find new markets in our region. Georgia’s location, particularly sea ports and roads are essential to their interests,” Usupashvili said.

During his visit Usupashvili will also meet chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay Adalberto Hugo Velasquez Moreno and head of the Chamber of Senators Blas Antonio Lanos.

The wider Georgian delegation will also meet the Foreign Relations Committees’ of both chambers of Parliament.

After visiting Paraguay, the Georgia delegation will go to Argentina, where Usupashvili will meet chairman of the Chamber of Senators and the country’s vice president Amado Budu. A meeting with the chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina Julian Dominguez was also planned.

Before the official visit ends, the Georgian delegation will also meet representatives of Georgian diaspora in Argentina.