Georgia celebrates Military Medicine Day

Military field exercise – Medical Aid in Krtsanisi Georgia; Photo by President’s Facebook page, 11 Aug 2014 - 16:22, Tbilisi,Georgia

Workers in one of the most "difficult and exciting” professions are being praised for their service to Georgia.

For Georgia’s medical experts working in the military sector, facing a life and death situation was part of their job and today their efforts were recognized at a special celebration in Krtsanisis.

Today, the Georgian Armed Forces are celebrating Military Medicine Day. The occasion has been celebrated since 1992 and this year is being recognized for the 22nd time.

Within the occasion, staff from the Medical Department of the General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces took part in a field exercise – "Medical Aid” - which aimed to improve the skills of medical personnel in emergency situations and exercise coordination.

The occasion was attended by numerous officials, including Georgia’s President Giorgi Margvelashvili, who congratulated the military doctors on their service and said: "Being a military doctor is the most difficult and exciting professions”.

"During the field training exercises we have observed how efficiently and organized Georgian doctors behave. Being a doctor is the most human and respectable job, particularly in the battlefield when you make decisions together with your comrades but you have to save your friends’ lives,” Margvelashvili noted.

The medical exercise, based on the experience of medical support operations, was also attended by Georgia’s Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs David Sergeenko, Deputy Defence Minister Varlam Avaliani and Chief of General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces Major General Vakhtang Kapanadze. Wounded soldier under the supervision of doctors. Photo by 

According to the scenario, arms caches were found in Arashenda village. Also, special operations forces were tasked with carrying out a patrol and search operation.

Field surgical and medical evacuation teams were also involved in the exercise and provided vital first aid to acting wounded soldiers, and those who were heavily wounded were evacuated to Gori military hospital.

Surgical and evacuation teams from the Separate Medical Battalion and military doctors of the I Infantry and I Artillery Brigades from Land Forces East Command were also involved in the event.