Head of Georgia’s tourism agency fired

Head of the National Tourism Administration Giorgi Sigua has been fired.
Agenda.ge, 31 Jul 2014 - 12:17, Tbilisi,Georgia

The head of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia has been fired.

The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development said Giorgi Sigua had until August 4 to leave the post.

Sigua said his dismissal yesterday came out of the blue and due to his busy schedule, he was unable to leave this position until August 4.

Meanwhile in a statement, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development said Sigua had been notified in writing about his dismissal.

"We’d like to explain that the information released by Giorgi Sigua on July 30 claiming he had not been informed of his possible dismissal from the position is not true,” said the Ministry statement.

Giorgi Sigua’s statement, as per which, he is not going to resign from the post because of a busy work schedule does not also correspond to the truth – at the time of him making this comment he had already written a statement in the name of the Minister requesting a holiday from August 4 to September 1. [Sigua’s] statement was registered in the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development on July 29,” claimed the Ministry.

Speaking on Maestro TV yesterday, Sigua said he had just received notification of his dismissal and an official request to remove him from his post had not been written on paper.

To tell you the truth, a high-ranking position creates more problems than it brings joy, happiness and comfort to me. If I resign from my post, I will regret leaving the unusual, fantastic team that I have. I'm proud of these people, he said.
I'm a public official, I obey the state law and my director’s decision and if he [Giorgi Kvirikashvili] thinks he may have a reason to believe that it is impossible for us to work together, no problem – I will not work with him. No position is worth opposing the people with whom you had done many things, Sigua said.