Georgia ends Afghanistan military mission

The Georgian contingent completed its duties as part of the ISAF mission in Afghanistan., 16 Jul 2014 - 17:48, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia’s Armed Forces have completed its military mission in Afghanistan and troops are preparing to leave the once-troubled area.

The Georgian contingent completed its duties as part of the ISAF mission in Afghanistan. The troops must now leave Camp Leatherneck – a Georgian base stationed in the Helmand Province.

The camp will close at the end of 2014 when the ISAF mission officially ends. At this time, the responsibility of ensuring security in the area will be transferred to the Afghan National Security Forces.

Accomplishing the ISAF mission was marked with a solemn ceremony at Camp Leatherneck by members of Georgia’s 23rd Battalion. At the end of the ceremony, the Georgian flag was lowered. Battalion Sergeant Levan Jangirashvili personally handed the flag to Deputy Chief of General Staff Colonel Roman Jokhadze.

The ceremony was also attended by top internationally ranked servicemen.

Georgia’s 23rd Battalion of the II Infantry Brigade has served at Camp Leatherneck for four months. The 23rd Battalion was the last Georgian unit to serve in Afghanistan, after earlier troops served under the Georgian flag for four years on a rotation basis.

Under United States command, Georgian soldiers carried out several operations in their four months of duties including fighting terrorism, patrolling their area of operations and providing peace and security to the region.