Swimming ban lifted in Batumi

Batumi is the Black Sea coastal resort town in western Georgia; Photo from Wikipedia
Agenda.ge, 15 Jul 2014 - 18:10, Tbilisi,Georgia

A potential storm that threatened the safety of swimmers in Batumi no longer poses a threat causing experts to lift a swimming ban in the Black Sea coastal resort town.

This afternoon officials said holiday-makers and locals in Batumi were freely allowed to enter the sea and enjoy the water.

The temporary swimming ban was lifted as soon as specialists said no storm was expected at the seaside today.

However earlier today, specialists said a ferocious storm, up to Category 4, would hit Batumi and cause rough seas and strong waves. This was potentially dangerous for swimmers.

Omar Surmanidze of the Emergency Management Agency earlier said red flag alarms had been erected along the coastline to warn people from entering the sea.