Initial CEC results: Georgian Dream leading across the country

David Narmania is a new mayor of Tbilisi according to the CEC initial results., 12 Jul 2014 - 23:46, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia have released early results of today’s municipal elections runoffs, which see ruling Georgian Dream (GD) coalition candidates rank first in Tbilisi as well as other self-governing cities or municipalities.

CEC chairperson Tamar Zhvania announced the initial results of two self-governing cities and four municipalities which show GD candidates are leading the election runoff race.

In Tbilisi where CEC have already counted results of 23 precincts out 32 GD mayoral candidate David Narmania received 72.7 percent of votes, while United National Movement (UNM) candidate Nika Melia received 27.3 percent of total votes.

Narmania has already thanked his supporters and said he would start working to realise the promises he and his team gave to supporters during the election campaign. 

"From Monday we are starting active work. Tbilisi will soon see how we, me and my team are working. There are many problems in the capital city and they are going to change in favor of our citizens," Narmania said.

As for the UNM candidate, Melia he said he could not congratulate his competitor from GD since the "former Mayor of Tbilisi was arrested for his winning". 

"However, as a citizen of this city I wish him success and I would be happy to see he fulfills all the promises he handed out but I do not see any signs he will do so," Melia commented to journalists.

In total, results of 248 precincts out of 727 have been counted by CEC. Initial results showed GD candidates were leading the electoral rally.

Almost 650,000 voters throughout the country took part in the 2014 municipal elections today. Latest data released by the CEC stated 617,451 people, or 36 percent of eligible voters, voted for their favourite candidate in the runoff elections.

This was a lot less than the 43.3 eligible voters who voted in the initial election on June 15.

Meanwhile in Tbilisi, 315,014 people or 34.3 percent of eligible voters cast their ballot today, which was also less than the 37.3 percent turnout of the initial elections.

CEC will publish updated results in one hour.