Georgian Dream: Verbal abuse by political leaders, activists is “unacceptable”

The Georgian Dream Coalition urges all opponents to show political maturity and abstain from manipulating the issues., 05 Jul 2014 - 17:17, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Dream coalition has spoken out about the detainment of ex-Tbilisi Mayor and says the subsequent verbal abuse by political party leaders and activists against the authorities was "unacceptable”.

The ruling coalition said it was unfortunate some political opponents especially United National Movement (UNM), were "spreading unsubstantiated allegations accusing the Government of politically motivated pressure” after legal authorities detained former Tbilisi Mayor Giorgi Ugulava.

Yesterday Tbilisi City Court sentenced the ex-Mayor to pre-trial detention – a motion supported by the Prosecution. The decision was criticized by Ugulava’s supporters who were gathered in the yard of the Court.

Ugulava was charged by investigative authorities for money laundering through an offshore registered company alongside others already wanted by the Georgian authorities.

In addition, Prosecutors filed a separate criminal charge against Ugulava for coercion and organisation of mass disorder in Marneuli district.

Furthermore, Ugulava is also being investigated over alleged embezzlement of more than a million GEL of public funds while serving as Tbilisi Mayor.

In response to earlier comments, Georgian Dream said statements by its political opponents accusing the ruling coalition of being involved in a political witch-hunt, were "irresponsible and unwise” as Ugulava’s case clearly demonstrated that serious criminal charges were being raised against the former official.

"The fact that justice can show that nobody is above the law proves that the principles of democracy and rule of law have been strengthened in our country,” read the Georgian Dream statement.

The ruling party urged all opponents to show political maturity, abstain from manipulating the issues and respect the work of the independent justice system.

"We hope all involved parties will remain loyal to our shared goal of building better democracy in Georgia and cooperate to ensure fair and peaceful environment for second round runoffs of the local elections,” read the Georgian Dream statement.