Families seek help for Georgians detained in Iraq

Georgian citizens were detained in Iraq three weeks ago. Currently, they are in a Baghdad police station.
Agenda.ge, 24 Jun 2014 - 15:20, Tbilisi,Georgia

The families of three Georgians detained in Iraq are pleading to the Georgian Foreign Ministry to help bring their loved ones home.

The trio were detained in Iraq three weeks ago. They are currently in a Baghdad police station and are unable to leave due to visa-related problems.

According to the family members, the trio’s trials had been postponed several times. Now frustrated, they are calling on the country’s Foreign Ministry to help its citizens return home.

Acting Georgian Consul in Jordan, Berdia Bekauri, said they were in touch with the detained people and their family members.

Earlier, Iraq’s Immigration Service detained five Georgian citizens when Mosul Airport was evacuated because of the rising tense situation.

At the time there were 26 Georgian citizens working at the airport. Five of them had problems with their documents. Two of the five detained people were released shortly after their detention however three Georgians still remain in Baghdad.