Obstacles challenge Georgia’s aim of receiving NATO MAP

As NATO representative in Georgia said, many perspectives complicate the issue of becoming MAP for Georgia.
Agenda.ge, 24 Jun 2014 - 10:01, Tbilisi,Georgia

A regional NATO official says Georgia is facing many obstacles that are challenging the country’s aim of furthering its relationship with NATO.

Head of the NATO Alliance Office in Georgia, William Lahew, believed the differing perspectives of NATO member countries was complicating the decision to grant Georgia a Membership Action Plan (MAP) at the NATO Summit in Wales.

A MAP is a program of advice, assistance and practical support tailored to countries wishing to join the alliance.

When assessing a piece by Reuters which said NATO countries were unlikely to grant Georgia a formal step towards NATO membership at the September summit, Lahew stated alliance members had to decide on their own what they wanted to see happen, and collectively their decision will reflect NATO’s position.

"Many perspectives complicate this issue, which are connected with reaching a consensus in favour of the alliance and its long-term cooperation with Georgia,” Lahew stated.

As Reuters wrote, NATO appeared likely to settle on a compromise by giving Georgia a package of "reinforced cooperation" with NATO that would fall short of a MAP.

"This package could include measures such as closer political cooperation, training the Georgian Armed Forces and strengthening NATO's liaison office in Georgia,” read the Reuters article.