Ruling party looks to gain majority of Tbilisi Sakrebulo seats

Architecture of Old Tbilisi; Photo by Nino Alavidze/, 17 Jun 2014 - 19:01, Tbilisi,Georgia

The ruling Georgian Dream coalition (GD) is likely to win the majority of the seats in the 50-seat City Council, Sakrebulo, in Georgia’s capital city.

Initial results of Sunday’s local elections revealed GD looked to gain 37 seats.

Sakrebulos in Tbilisi and across the country are composed by elected members from the party-list proportional contest and single-mandate constituencies.

In Tbilisi’s Sakrebulo, half of the seats are distributed through party-list candidates and the remaining 25 seats are allocated to winners in the capital city’s 25 single-mandate constituencies.

GD coalition candidates won in 24 districts out of 25 single-mandate constituencies across Tbilisi, stated election authorities.

Independent candidate Aleksanrde Elisashvili won the majoritarian race for Saburtalo District N03.05.

Results from the Central Election Commission (CEC) as of 6pm today stated for Tbilisi City Council, Sakrebulo, the party-list proportional contest showed GD were ahead with 45.96 percent of votes, followed by United National Movement (UNM), who gained 26.13 percent of votes.

This meant the GD coalition will have 13 of 25 available seats for the party-list, proportional representation, while UNM will have seven seats. Nino Burjanadze’s coalition will have three seats and the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia will have two seats, the latest data claimed.