Research company claiming second voting round had high survey error in 2012 elections

, GFK’s results were deviated from CEC’s by 21.9 percent at 2012 parliamentary elections., 16 Jun 2014 - 00:42, Tbilisi,Georgia

The research company that deduced a second round of voting would be needed in Tbilisi and other Georgian regions after yesterday’s municipal elections has been found to have vastly different results in the 2012 parliamentary election than that of the official election authorities.

Exit polls conducted by GFK Research Company, commissioned by Georgian television Rustavi 2, revealed no candidates gained enough votes to clear the 50 percent threshold during yesterday’s municipal elections.

It has now been revealed the same company conducted a survey during the 2012 parliamentary election, commissioned by Georgian Public Broadcaster, and its results were vastly different to that of the Central Election Commission (CEC) and had a high margin of error.

In particular, GFK 2012 results showed Georgian Dream and United National Movement (UNM) both gained 33 percent of votes while the final result from CEC showed Georgian Dream had received 54.9 percent and UNM gained 40.4 percent of votes.

In last night’s exit polls, Rustavi 2 indicated there was a high possibility a second round of voting would be needed in Tbilisi and other region of Georgia before a clear winner could be named. It stated none of the Tbilisi Mayoral candidates cleared the 50 percent threshold to win the election outright.

In contrast, according to Georgian-based research company ACT, commissioned by Georgian television Imedi TV, Georgian Dream Tbilisi Mayoral candidate David Narmania will be the new Mayor of Tbilisi.

The GFK exit poll similarly revealed Narmania gained the highest number of votes however it said he did not gain enough to be the new Mayor outright. The GFK exit poll revealed Narmania gained 46.3 percent of votes while UNM candidate Nika Melia gained 27.2 percent.

Dimitri Lordtkihpanidze from the Nino Burjanadze – United Opposition coalition followed in third place with 10.4 percent, followed by Irma Inashvili of David Tarkhan-Mouravi - Alliance of Patriots with 6 percent. Kakha Kukava from the "United Opposition” coalition gained 2.3 percent of total votes.

Rustavi 2 said these results were counted before 6pm on Election Day. The polls closed at 8pm. The TV station claimed more precise results would be known later in the evening.

The TV channel also revealed the preliminary results of the parties’ proportional contest. This list of five parties was led by the Georgian Dream Coalition with 47.8 percent. UNM received 26.1 percent of total votes.

Third on the list was the Nino Burjanadze – United Opposition coalition with 8.3 percent, fourth was the Alliance of Patriots with 5.8 percent and fifth was the Non-Parliamentary Opposition Coalition with 2.3 percent of total votes.