UNM expects second round of voting in Tbilisi, other regions

UNM Mayoral Candidate Nika Melia in Tbilisi makes his choice on today's elections.
Agenda.ge, 15 Jun 2014 - 22:08, Tbilisi,Georgia

United National Movement (UNM) is adamant a second round of voting will take place to determine the new Mayor of Tbilisi.

As exit poll results were revealed about 8pm, UNM leader said it was "definite” a second round of voting would be held in the capital city and many other regions of Georgia.

UNM leader Gigi Ugulava, and former Tbilisi Mayor, said it was "absolutely clear” that in almost all self-governed cities run-off elections will take place.

"Georgian society has clearly shown [ex-Prime Minister Bidzina] Ivinashvili and his ruling coalition that they do not like the development of the country. They do not like that policy of false promises that the Government offers them,” Ugulava said.

"Despite the fact that the Central Election Commission’s summarizing protocol has not been published, it is absolutely clear that in almost all self-governed cities, a second round will be held. In the first place, there is a high probability a run-off will take place in Tbilisi, and it can even be said that definitely a second vote will be held here,” he said

The UNM leader also believed there was a high probability a second round of voting was needed in Rustavi, Batumi, Telavi, Gori and likely in Kutaisi.

This opinion was shared by other UNM leaders.

David Bakradze said based on exit poll results (conducted by GFK research company on behalf of Rustavi 2 television), a second round of voting was needed in almost all Mayoral races before election winners would emerge.

UNM Mayoral candidate for Tbilisi, Nika Melia, said a second round of voting would be "intense”.

"To be honest I was not surprised [by the exit poll results]. This was a pre-condition of society. I think that the second round will be intense, where the chances will be 50/50,” he noted.