Tbilisi Mayoral candidates vote for “better future”

All voting booths across the country will close in less than half an hour.
Agenda.ge, 15 Jun 2014 - 19:40, Tbilisi,Georgia

Candidates in the running for Tbilisi Mayor say they all voted for "a better future” when they cast their votes today.

After the Mayoral candidates put their voting paper into the official collection box, everyone said they had voted for a better and more democratic country however it is most likely each candidate made a different selection on their ballot form.

Today is 2014 self-government elections in Georgia, officially called the Elections of Representative and Executive Bodies of Local Municipalities. Today Georgians will vote to elect 12 Mayors across the country. Fourteen candidates are running for Tbilisi Mayor.

It is the first time in Georgia’s history when 11 other city Mayors will be directly elected by voters. Until now only Tbilisi Mayor was elected this way.

The Mayoral candidate of ruling party Georgian Dream, David Narmania, arrived at the N1 polling station in Saburtalo with his family. He said he cast his ballot for the political force which would "do a lot” for the capital and its people.

David Narmania went to the polling station with his family. Photo from Narmania's official Facebook page

"It’s a very important day today. It’s a day of victory,” Naramania said as he left the station.

Opposition party United National Movement candidate Nika Melia said Tbilisi should have a Mayor that would take care of everyone equally despite their political views.

Photo from Nika Melia's official Facenook page

"I believe I made a very pragmatic and rational choice,” he said.

"I voted not for endless controversy but for conciliation of all controversial sides.” 

Kakha Kukava of the Coalition United Opposition encouraged voters to go and vote for whoever they wanted to, "but their choice will be their own responsibility”.

Dimitri Lordtkihpanidze from the Coalition Nino Burjanadze – United Opposition said he voted for the force that would create order in the city and unite the country.

"I voted for a brighter future for our children,” said the father of eight who is also expecting his ninth child. 

Meanwhile Labour Party candidate Asmat Tkhabladze said she voted "in favour of her city and country”.

Together with her child and grandchild, she went to N14 polling station in Vake to cast her vote – the same place she has voted for the past 40 years. 

All voting booths across the country will close in less than half an hour. At 8pm, the Central Election Commission will immediately begin to count the votes.