Hail storm, landslide upsets Eastern Georgia

Large hail inflicted serious damage in Tetritskharo and Tsalka municipality villages. Photo by Prime Time.
Agenda.ge, 12 Jun 2014 - 15:32, Tbilisi,Georgia

Crops, orchards and farming land in Georgia’s eastern regions have been "completely devastated” by a powerful hail storm.

Residents in the Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia are today dealing with the aftermath of last night’s powerful storm, which included clearing debris from a minor landslide.

Large hail inflicted serious damage in Tetritskharo and Tsalka municipality villages. Tetritskahro municipality Governor said the hail storm "completely devastated” many crops and harvest, orchards and agricultural land, and the most affected were residents in Alekseevka and Samgereti villages.

The special group has already been established to assess the damage of last night’s storm.

The wild weather also caused substantial damage to crops and houses in Tsalka region, in Tbeti, Imera and Avranlo villages. Roads were also blocked however emergency crews worked to clear the roads.

Meanwhile heavy rain this afternoon was the reason behind a landslide near Rikoti tunnel.

The landslide hit the Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze main highway, causing the road to block. Traffic is restricted from passing along this road.

Initial reports state about two thousand cubic metres of mountain rock collapsed onto the road. The landslide occurred near the Rikoti tunnel, which connects Georgia’s west and east.

Road cleaning crews are on site to clear highway.

Georgian weather experts expected the weather to worsen this afternoon and forecast heavy rain and strong hail to batter the entire country, including capital city Tbilisi.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Long-term Forecast Bureau said the weather would improve across the country from June 14, when temperatures will increase and the country will experience sunny days.